In postproduction

Format: HDV
Length: 70 minutes
Language: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi (all with subtitles)

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Chiliheads Trailer

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Chiliheads – A Capsaicin Extravaganca

Welcome on the Chiliheads website.

A Capsaicin Extravaganca is the workings title for our upcoming documentary about the search fort he hottest chili in the world. We have just finished editing and are now working on the score. On this website you’ll find general information about the documentary, latest news, photos as well as background stories about shooting in Mexico, the USA, the UK, India and South East Asia.


24 September 2011 - Shooting of the title sequence – Goerlitzer Park 24.09.2011 - Sun, Chilis and Beer  - that sounds like a great day in the park- And it was! We got a good collection of fresh Jalapenos, Habaneros and Bhut Jolokia from the Pfefferhaus in Berlin and it was really great that you all showed up. It’s just amazing to see how many people actually are willing to experience the really hot stuff.  There were tears, laughs, funny body movements and all different kinds of emotions – which will make an amazing title sequence. Check out the images in the 'Photos' section. Thanks to: Schisser, Jan, Jörn, Milena, Hergen, Toni, Tim, Basti, Schwedi, Ana, Julia, Friederike, Maxime, Jean-Christoph, Or, Claude, David, Paul, Felipe, Felix, and Christian for participating in our shoot. You all did great and we’ve got some really funny footage. Special thanks to Tim, for letting us use his White Box!!!

14 January 2011 - Website updated - We have done some updating to our website, there are some new stories from Italy and Southeast Asia. Also there are some new photos from Thailand and Indonesia, just check out our photos section. Additionally we have setup a newsletter, subscribe to it and you'll be the first to know about the progress of our documentary. 

8 November 2010 - Southeast Asia - We are currently filming in Southeast Asia, the last stop on the search for the hottest chili in the world. Stay tuned for more news and pictures.

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About the Project

Chiliheads is a charismatic road trip documentary with travel, cooking and lifestyle elements, which captures a worldwide tradition that has been spicing up lives and diets for thousands of years.

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The Search

Find out more about the places we have visited so far on the search for the hottest chili in the world.

Southeast Asia Map Southeast Asia - Southeast Asia the last stop on our search starts in Bangkok. Unfortunately it’s the raining season so we spend most of our days and nights exploring the truly amazing Thai street food. [read more]

Italy - Diamante Map Italy - Diamante - Flying straight from Las Vegas to the beautiful coast of Calabria was like heaven for our taste buds. The contrast from burgers, fast food and Coca Cola to amazing pizza, pasta and red... [read more]

India Map India - Welcome to incredible India! Incredible - that’s really what it is. Not any trip was nearly as hard and exciting as this one. To give an overview in just a couple of... [read more]

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