From the
Yucatan Peninsula
to New Mexico,
from India
to Southeast Asia.

  • Mexico - Yucatan (22 photos)

    Our first trip was to Mexico, where we went to the Yucatan find out about the habanero chili.
  • England - Dorset / Brighton (16 photos)

    We have heard of a couple in the UK, which has bred an incredible hot chili - the Dorset Naga. We also visited Chillipepper Pete in Brighton
  • USA - New Mexico (11 photos)

    Our visit to the Hatch Chili Festival and the meeting with the chiliman himself - Dr. Bosland - at New Mexico State University.
  • Italy - Diamante (12 photos)

    Or next destination: Diamante, Italy for the Festival del Peperoncino and the Peperoncino museum.
  • Incredible India (18 photos)

    The Naga King Chili, Bhut Jolokia and the normal madness of amazing India!
  • Southeast Asia (15 photos)

    Thailand and Indonesia: the final destinations on the search
  • The Chiliheads Crew (15 photos)

    It was hard work, but we also had such an incredible time and lots of fun. Check it out!
  • Title Sequence - Görlitzer Park (27 photos)

    Chilifaces taken from our title shoot in Görlitzer Park.