Welcome to incredible India! Incredible - that’s really what it is. Not any trip was nearly as hard and exciting as this one. To give an overview in just a couple of words is almost impossible. So bad things first:

In the first couple of days in Delhi our room got flooded, with drainage water (or toilet water? To be honest I really don’t want to know). Luckily all our equipment survived.  So, still in good faith, some of us had the obligatory stomach problems. The rest of the crew arrived and we started the next part of our trip with a lost iphone and a broken video camera. The video head got so dirty from all the dust and dirt that even a cleaning tape wouldn’t help. Of course there where no service centres around so we settled for the option to record on CF Cards, which were almost impossible to buy in Assam.

On the way to Nagaland our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. So after hours on the road and an almost head-on collision with an oxcart we finally arrived at the Nagaland security checkpoint. Settling in the hotel we sort thinks can’t get worse, but we had to realize next morning that someone broke into the hotel room, while we were sleeping, and stole our money. From there on parts of our equipment mysteriously died (batteries, hard drives,...) We suspect the electricity fluctuations caused the wastage of the equipment.

Ok, as bad as this all sounds – it was definitely worth it to get amazing impressions, experiences and footage of

  • the Gadudida Chili Market in Delhi
  • the colourful celebration of the Holi Festival in Varanasi
  • an early morning boot trip on the Ganga River
  • the strange taste of rice beer in a remote Naga Village
  • the unbelievable spiciness of the Naga King Chili
  • the processing of Naga King Chili
  • endless chili fields in Andrah Pradesh
  • the world biggest chili market in Guntur
  • lots of cows
  • and all the friendly and helpful people we met on our way

We particular thank Marinus Ngullie, for all his help and great insight on the Naga King Chili and Naga Culture, and our drivers to bring us home safely through the traffic jungle of India!